Finn and Jake
Universe Adventure Time
Debut Slumber Party Panic (2010)
Availability Unlockable
Tier 0 (0)

Finn and Jake are the main protagonists of the series Adventure Time.



Ground Moves


Neutral - Finn does two sword slashes, and he then kicks forward.

Running - Finn does a few slashes with his sword.

Side - Finn does a roundhouse kick.

Up - Finn performs a uppercut.

Down - Jake appears and does a low swat with his hand.

Charged Moves

Side - Jake appears and extends his arm outward with an enlarged fist.

Up - Jake appears and does a powerful uppercut with an enlarged fist.

Down - Jake appears and turns his fist into a hammer before bringing it down.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial - Finn does a slash with his sword.
  • Side Aerial - Jake appears and spins around with 2 giant fists.
  • Up Aerial - Finn slashes his sword in a half-circle rotation above him.
  • Down Aerial - Finn slams his sword downwards.

Special Moves

Neutral: Snowball
Finn throws a snowball at an opponent. By charging it, you can make the snowball freeze the opponent for 5 seconds.

Side: Spinning Sword
Finn spins his sword around.

Up: Catapult Dollar Bill
Jake turns into a catapult and launches Finn high in the air who glides down to the ground, using a giant dollar bill.

Down: Jake Shield
Jake turns his hand into a shield and protects Finn from projectiles and physical attacks.

Punch Time Explosion - Souls of a Thousand Party Demons: Jake begins to glow and his eyes change into stars that wildly change colors. He floats upwards and opponents are seen being forced to do different dances while Jake himself dances in the background. This allows Finn to attack opponents while they uncontrollably dances.


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