Normal MovesEdit

  • Neutral: Triple Cut - Does three quick draw slashes in succession, with the first one high, second one low, then and a turning low for third.
  • Running:
  • Side: Instant Slice - Twirls his sword somewhat to slice instantly in front of him for a combo.
  • Up:
  • Down: Tsuka Poke -Pokes his sword's grip forward while crouching.
  • Charge Attack Side: Rapid Cutter - Draws his blade placed behind him, then turns around for a rapid series of slashes forward.
  • Charge Attack Up: Skyward Strike - Stabs the sky with his sword to launch foes upward.
  • Charge Attack Down: Violent Slice - Draws his sword above his head, then does a quick downwards slash single-handed.
  • Aerial Neutral:
  • Aerial Side:
  • Aerial Up:
  • Aerial Down:

Signature Moves:Edit

  • Neutral: Slice Slash - Jack throws a melon into the air and slices in four to five times to hit foes in the way.
  • Side: Quick Draw - Jack slashes forward in a dash sideways. The 3DS version is a double cross slash in one dash, while the XL version is a single outward slash.
  • Up: Sword Jump - Spirals upward with his sword at a high height and slashes around him in a downard motion, as he reaches the peak.
  • Down: Counter - Slightly unsheaths his sword to block attacks then does a scooping slash to repel foes.

  • Punch Time Explosion: ??? - Readies his sword, then either in the 3DS version, slashes all around him to form slash marks that hit via an after-effect as Chinese/Japanese characters/kanji pop up, or dashes forward through targets to rapidly slash them. Use of this PTE will make Jack's hairstyle come loose and long, though it'll reset if he dies.
  • Synergy: Val Halen from "Dexter's Laboratory", Val Halen plays his axe guitar as Jack looks on and then points his sword up to the air. The sword is then used as a lightning rod to channel the guitar's electricity for a wide discharge attack.

Quotes Edit

  • "You can never defeat the side of righteousnes."
  • "Jump good."
  • There is no escape
  • Our mission is noble
  • "No. I have failed."