Chowder is a cat-bear-rabbit creature in the show of the same name. He lives in Mung Daal's Catering where he is a chef's apprentice. Chowder is the second character to be unlocked in Story Mode.


Normal Moves:Edit

  • Neutral: Chow Combo - 3DS version: Does two alternating kicks ending with a headbutt. XL version: Does a headbutt, belly bop, then a flip kick.
  • Running:
  • Side:
  • Up: Tongue Flip - Licks upward.
  • Down:
  • Charge Attack Side: Stench Blast - Chowder burps a damaging cloud forward with a set range.
  • Charge Attack Up: Tongue Scoop - A stronger version of his up attack.
  • Charge Attack Down: Stench Bomb - Same as the Side Charge Attack, but burps downward instead for a small explosion.
  • Aerial Neutral:
  • Aerial Side:
  • Aerial Up:
  • Aerial Down:

Special MovesEdit

Special Moves:

  • Neutral: Kimchi Throw - Tosses Kimchi forward a fair distance, making it bounce off foes. Causes a fart sound effect.
  • Side: Inhale - Works like Kirby's inhale move from Super Smash Bros., but Chowder can't copy abilities. Deals 15% damage. In Story mode, some enemies are instantly defeated.
  • Up: Chowder Spin - Spins with Kimchi upward in a purple aura. Used as a third jump/recovery move.
  • Down: Kimchi Slam - Smashes Kimchi on the ground below him causing a dirty-colored quake around him. Causes a fart sound effect.
  • Punch Time Explosion: Pepper Breath - Chowder sees a large chili pepper and eats it. But the pepper is very spicy, thus causing Chowder to belch a stream of fire, causing damage to anyone who's in front of him. In the 3DS version, he instead, finds a wad of ingredients to toss into a boiling pot, but eats it all up, then burps all around him.
  • Chowder's Synergy Partner is Madame Foster. She offers him a giant plate of cookies and Chowder eats it all. This makes him look like a giant ball that Madame Foster rolls on, causing damage to anyone who is hit.

Trivia Edit

  • Chowder & Kimchi are one of the only three duo characters in the game.
    • The other two being Mac & Bloo and Billy & Mandy.
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