Bellwood is the hometown of Ben Tennyson and appears in the show Ben 10. Gwen and Kevin also live here.

Punch Time ExplosionEdit

In PTE, Bellwood is the first stage of the Ben 10 level. There, Ben and Chowder must fight a corrupted Buttercup in order to track down Vilgax. Unfourantly, Vilgax has sent Ben, Chowder and Buttercup into the Null Void where they continue to battle. The Bellwood stage is played on the roof of a building which has a billboard that sonsers Mr.Smoothy, a drink that Ben drinks throughout the series and is one of his favorite places to go.



  • Objects that can be destoried in this stage are the Mr. Smoothy Billboard, which falls over, and an airvent next to the billboard.
  • Professor Paradox was a character that stood in the background in this stage.